Urgent Urbanity

  • Urban analysis and transformation proposal for the area of Sluppen (Trondheim, Norway) from a former industrial enclave into a high-quality, future-oriented, and economically feasible urban quarter. Based on the existing plans for a business park in the core area of the district, we envisioned alternative scenarios that could response not only to the existing situation of the area, but also take a wholistic and future oriented approach in urban terms. By synthethizing the collected information about mobility, landscape, urban structure, program and implementation, we developed a master plan for the area. We proposed an integrated urban quarter at the edge of the city, taking advantage of the potential for redensification, regeneration, and improved connectivity with the city of Trondheim and its suburban environment. We focus on the interaction between built and natural spaces, in order to connect the city with landscape, centre with periphery, and workplaces with living and recreational areas.