Urgent Urbanity

  • 1710_Mario will be a jury member for the 24H competition by IF ideas Forward, an international architecture competition for young creative people.

    Other jury members are Romullo Fontenelle (Brasil), Jin Taira (Spain) and Gerhard Linder (Norway). The competition topic is "biomimetic", and the submission deadline is 22 of october.

  • 1608_Mario will again assist Prof. Kerstin Hoeger with the Master course in Urban Design @ NTNU

    The topic for this semester is ¨HUBS : the new suburbs¨

  • 1508_Mario will assist Prof. Kerstin Hoeger with the Master course in urban design @ NTNU

    Find out more abouthere

  • U2A starts a monthly publication. The plan is to materialize own thoughts, visions and ideas through texts and images.

    Download the first issue here

  • 1505_Starting may 2015, Mario joins the OAF Program Committe!(Oslo Arkitektforening)

  • 1412_U2A and architect Safura Abdiha deliver

  • ed a proposal for an electric charging station and public park in Bergen (NO).

  • 1411_Back in Trondheim for an exciting project :)

  • 1406_U2A cooperates withIridian Consulting (Colombia) to create digital tools for the scandinavian market.

  • 1403_U2A moves south. Bye Trondheim! Hello Oslo!

  • 1401_Strategic cooperation with Trond Maag fromUrban Identity (Switzerland) in search of new projects and services for urbanism and placemaking.

  • 1311_U2A joins Rambøll Landskap in the prequalification competition for the resting area at Krekke.

  • 1309_The GREEN MIST is published inNAL´s homepage.

  • 1309_U2A wins 1st Prize with The GREEN MISTconceptionin artistic competition for the Arkitekturdagen under the Oslo Architecture Triennale.

  • 1306_U2A is now part of theNAL - Wildcardlist.

  • 1304_First housing project in ColombiaCasa 1

  • 1302_Mario is jury member of the Moholt 50 l 50 Competition

    Find out more abouthereandhere!

  • 1212_Cooperation with Rintala Eggertsson Architects to developRorbuerin Bessaker (NO) project

  • 1206_Delivery of Roan vind-, innovasjon- og naturpark report to Roan Kommune and Sarepta Vind


  • 1202_Innovasjon Norge has granted U2A and Roan Kommune funds to continue working on the preliminary study for Roan Innovasjonsvindpark

  • 1110_Re-opening ofKlubbento the world!